Learn How to Build a Profitable Photography Business



Learn How to Build a Profitable Photography Business in this free Masterclass, for Landscape, Nature, and Macro Photographers:

Time Stamps

00:07 Welcome- Started Photography Business Masterclass

10:57 The strategy – What you’ll learn

14:15 Who is this for and not for…

18:04 More about me (Janice Sullivan)

26:19 Build Your Portfolio to Convert – Understand your mission 38:44 Create Your Offer

51:07 Attract Your Clients

01:07:50 Build a photography business by yourself?

01:17:34 Where will you be in a year? Link to find out

1. Build Your 1000 words Build your PORTFOLIO FOR sales so you can convert viewers and followers into clients on autopilot.

2. Create an Offer Build an offer so you can be at the top of your industry and give your clients incredible results.

3. Attract your Clients Leverage your photography (your 1000 words) with client attraction methods to fuel your 1000 words for consistent clients and a greater impact.


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