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The Creative Business Method

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The Creative Business Method is the ultimate online training for Fine Art Landscape, Nature and Macro photographers, who want a step by step plan on how to build your profitable photography Business!

Even if you have no previous business training!

Ready to scale your fine art photography business?

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We dive into your Phases and every week Janice jumps on a Live call to help you with questions and guidance.

Phase 1: Your mission and who is your ideal customer

Phase 2: Your premium offer and how to sell it

Phase 3: Where to find your customer and build relationships

Phase 4: Build your profitable business step-by-step 

Phase 5: Trusted Authority – steps to take you to the top of your niche

Phase 6: Measuring Success to see what working and what’s not to continue a profitable business

Coaching Program

Our signature program “The Creative Photography Business Method” is a step-by-step game changing breakthrough process to guide you to fully living your life purpose.

Our clients have successfully created photography business that they love, become more creative because they are valued, live a healthy and loving life because they are confident, have stronger connections knowing who their clients are and most of all make 2 – 3x more than what they are making now with their photographs.

All because of The Creative Business Method Coaching!

Would you like to take photos that have clients happily paying 2x-3x more? 

And would you like to take photos that are from your soul and connect with your ideal clients?

Let’s make sure you’re ready.  Book a call and lets dive into making sure I can help you now.  

Janice works hard for you so we only let several photographers in at one time.

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#1 Book a Call

We’ll chat over the phone to make sure we can help you.

If you’re committed and have the drive to monetize your skills and be valued for what you do.  Then we’ll offer the program to you. 

It is exclusive, and we don’t take everyone.  You see, if you don’t succeed, we don’t either.

So we’re looking for photographers that have the passion and dedication Janice does.


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photo creative business method exclusive group

#2 You’ll Be Welcomed Into Our Family With Open Arms! 

This is where you’ll be able to interact with me, my team, the community of amazing Fine Art  Macro, Nature and Landscape Photographers…

And where you’ll be able to ask questions about anything you’re stuck with on a daily basis. 

Like I said, this is not like any coaching program you’ve experienced before.


Ready to scale your fine art photography business?

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